Sunday, March 24, 2013

Nice time lapse of comet Panstarrs over Boulder

When I moved away from Boulder, Colorado some years ago, I learned about Chief Niwot's curse (he was a native American leader in the Boulder area back in the day).  As told to me, it was that anyone who left Boulder would always want to return.  Actually, it is a little more complex than that.  He said that Boulder is so beautiful that people will always want to live there and in doing so, they will ultimately be the undoing of that very beauty.  It's more of a paradox really.  I can say that I really enjoyed living in Boulder and certainly miss its beauty from time to time.  
The video above captures a little bit of the landscape and the signature flatirons, but it also captures the comet Panstarrs quite spectacularly.  I hope somewhere Chief Niwot has as nice a view.
Well captured Patrick Cullis.  Watch and enjoy.

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  1. I was out there 2 weeks ago, while Panstarrs was most visible. The wall of mountains was stunning as always. I can save you some yearning. The sky to the West was cloudy the whole time I was there, and I didn't get even a glimpse of the comet.