Tuesday, March 12, 2013

OREO separator machines vs the Oreo constructing machine

Recently we showed you the application of science engineering to the very real and complex problem of autonomously separating the cookie from the cream filling in an Oreo cookie.  Well, it appears to be an advertising scheme sponsored by Oreo.  I know... I know...  It kind of takes away the fun when you find out it's an advertisement, but you know something, in a capitalist society many many things are advertisements of one sort or another and given all the options, I must say I like Oreo's approach.  Rather than pushing the ads on you, they create something that you might actually like to see.  I say well done Nabisco/Oreo.

There are now a total of four different videos of machines created to separate the cookies from the creamy filling.  Some seem more effective than others, but none seem at all practical... Maybe that is why I like them.  [for contrast there is a slightly different take on these videos at the bottom]

OREO Separator Machine #2 — Creators: Toy Scientists Bill and Barry

OREO Separator Machine #3 — Creator: Conceptual Artist Collective DENTAKU

OREO Separator Machine #4 — Creator: Robotic Butler HERB

Of course, you can still see the original one here.

Now for karmic alignment, balance and avoiding koyaanisqatsi, rather than taking these cookies apart, lets take a look at how they are put together.  'Turns out some very elaborate machines do that too... In fact, these machines are much more amazing than the ones above if you think about it...  I'm pretty sure that the Oreo constructing machine could take all four Oreo destructing machines with no problem if it ever came down to a robot fight.

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