Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Now that's punny

I'll apologize in advance for this one.  You see my dad has always been a prolific punster.  He can make a pun out of anything, anytime, anywhere.  So puns, mostly really bad groaners, are near and dear to me.  Just as I had no idea that they have competitions for flying kites without wind, planing and synchronized walking, I had no idea that there is a world championship punoff.
So, in honor of my dad's birthday, I present this video from the pun world championships.  In the head-to-head competition, the competitors have 5 seconds to come up with a pun related to a topic chosen by the audience.  If they repeat a pun, they get a strike... three strikes and you're out.  They continue until one of them strikes out, or can't think of a new pun in 5 seconds.  Dad, I'm pretty sure you could take these guys!

If you managed to watch that video and you still are looking for more, you may enjoy the jokes here or the video below.

Happy Birthday Dad!

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