Thursday, March 21, 2013

SparkFun National Education Tour

Our friends at SparkFun (a great place to get Maker supplies of all sorts) bought an RV and are traveling around the country spreading the Maker excitement to schools and kids in all parts of the country.  The basic idea is to get more hands-on, discovery based learning back into the classroom.  It's easy to get the kids excited, the harder part is changing schools.  However, this sentiment of change seems to be growing in the mainstream world, for example this article from CNN steps through the argument nicely in the article here.  I was recently tapped to help raise money for this type of work for my high school back in Ohio (see my ugly mug about 1:15 into the video).  Even the President mentioned elements of this idea in his State of the Union address.  Clearly there is growing interest in incorporating some of the great features of the Maker movement in our education system, and I'm all for it.  SparkFun has embraced this idea and it taking steps to help promote it in their national tour.  I say to Nate and all the folks at SparkFun, keep up the good work!

Read more about the SparkFun Nation Tour here.

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