Monday, October 17, 2011

Calculating Dessert Percentages

The Fitbit is nice because it gives you some idea of how active you've been. Among other things it tells you your progress toward your weekly goal. The percentage on the upper right of the window tells how much progress you've made toward your goal. Right now, your goal should be set to 40,000 steps per week. Mine is a little bit higher and I hope you guys increase your goals soon.
It seems to me that we ought to only be eligible for dessert only if we are on track to make our weekly goal. The problem is that I don't know what the percentages mean. It is different for every day of the week, so here is your problem. Can you calculate what percentages mean that we are on track for the week?

Since dinner is at the end of the day, and we aren't likely to get many more steps before the next morning, I'd like to know what percentage we need to be at in order to be on track at 8am the next morning. For example, at dinner on Sunday, we need to have enough steps to be on track for our goal for Monday morning at 8am. In order to be eligible for dessert at Wednesday dinner, we would need to have enough steps to be up to date for Thursday morning at 8am. The week starts at 12:01am on Sunday morning.  What percentages do these correspond to for each day of the week?


As a side question, at your current goal rate, how many steps does it take to get one percentage point toward your weekly goal?

FYI: Being on goal is required in order to have dessert, but does not guarantee dessert...


  1. Answer


    One chart of desert percentages.
    Sunday 14.29%
    Monday 28.58%
    Tuesday 42.87%
    Wednesday 57.16%
    Thursday 71.45%
    Friday 85.74%
    Saturday 100%

  2. Good Job!
    I get slightly different numbers. I think these would be correct if we had to be caught up to midnight that night, but I'd like us to be caught up to 8am the next morning.