Wednesday, October 12, 2011


A sticky note memorial outside the Palo Alto Apple Store

Steve Jobs is dead.  I've met and known a lot of influential, rich, famous people in my day, but I'm sorry to say I never met Steve Jobs.  Today, I stopped by the Apple store and found an incredible sight. There is a makeshift memorial at the store where people are placing sticky notes with remembrances.  Its an amazing thing to see.  The mood is somber, but strangely friendly.  Several strangers came up to me just started talking about Steve Jobs.  None of them had met him either, but they all had their stories.  They all had been touched by him and by Apple.
As I read through the notes that people had written, I was amazed by how personal and artistic may of them were.  Steve certainly affected a lot of people.  You'll find more of my pictures if you "read more."

A woman places her note on the wall


Some appeal to a higher power

Some just show appreciation

Some use humor

To get an idea of what he was about, watch his speech from the 2005 Stanford graduation.  I find it really inspirational.

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