Monday, March 14, 2016

Happy Practical Pi Day

Vi Hart has pretty well convinced us here at Digital Diner that Tau Day is much more worthy of celebration that Pi Day, however, I must admit that this year's Pi Day rant is quite good.  After all, 3.1416 is much closer to Pi than 3.1415, so why were people so much more excited about 3/14/15 than 3/14/16?  Today is Practical Pi Day... and so, despite the overhyped nature a Pi, we still believe that most any cause for celebration is good.
In fact, maybe we are looking at this all wrong.  Maybe for Pi Day we should be limiting our selves to a mere half circle's worth of pie each rather than Tau Day (6/28) when we binge on an entire pie.  So, while gluttony is fun and all, it may be better for us to stick to our demi-pie today?  Nah.. that doesn't make sense... just eat as much as you want.

However you celebrate, have a great day!