Saturday, March 23, 2013

A mysterious mouse door appears in Golden Gate Park

Richmondsfblog is reporting that someone has mysteriously crafted a rather lovely mouse door and placed it on a tree in Golden Gate park.  If a mouse did it, it either has some amazing skills, or at least money and taste.  The workmanship looks quite impressive, and it is custom fit to the hole in the tree.  Maybe it was a hobbit, although it must be a very small one.  Of course, it could be a portal to another dimension... one that is much much smaller.  At the moment, no one seems to know who made it or how it got there.  Ooh, I love a mystery!

As you know, we here at Digital Diner encourage and support anonymous public art.  Go make some of your own!

via Richmondsfblog
Thanks Inna!

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