Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Form Follows Purpose

When I lived in Colorado, I used to drive by a little town called Bailey where they had a hot dog shaped building.  I always thought it must be interesting to produce hot dogs in a hot dog shaped building.  I mean someone had to have the idea that they would be able to sell more hot dogs if their building was shaped like one.  Furthermore they had to keep thinking that was a good idea long enough to design and build the building.  In fact, it had to be so compelling that they were willing to overlook the probability that they might have trouble reselling the building later, or that it would make it very difficult to change to a burger joint if the market needs changed.  Its impressive on many levels.

I was reminded of that little building when I saw a whole collection of buildings that represent what is made/sold from within the building.  I particularly liked these:

You probably wont be surprised to find that Longaberger Company, Newark, OH makes baskets.

The public library in Kansas City has a parking lot that looks as if it is made of giant books.

To see all ten buildings, check out the article here:  10 Buildings Shaped Like What They Sell 

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