Friday, June 29, 2012

Somebody that I used to Know

There's a haunting little tune by a group called Gotye that has been performed a bajillion bands called "Somebody the I used to know."  One of the most popular covers and a favorite of mine is the video below.

However, a new version just appeared by a guitarist named Mike Dawes.  He performs all the parts himself as a solo instrumental piece.

His skill is apparent from the start, but as the song evolves he starts adding the more interesting little embellishments.  As readers of Digital Diner have read about in the past, I'm attracted to Michael Hedges-type fingerstyle guitar playing.  I think this performance is worth a listen.  Enjoy!

...Of course there are other versions as well... like what about the Star Wars that we used to know?

And for reference, here is the original by Gotye

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