Monday, June 4, 2012

Eulerian Video Magnification

SIGGRAPH is the anual meeting of the graphics industry.  This is the conference where people show off all the latest techniques for image processing and graphics rendering.  The video above grabbed my eye as something very interesting.  It is a bit technical, but essentially, they take video images and do some time-based analysis to find subtle motions in the video, especially those that are repeating (periodic in nature).  They then accentuate these parts of the video graphically.  In this manner they are able to do things like "see" a pulse in someone's face or wrist.  The videos of these make me a little queazy, but I must say the potential is pretty interesting. Imaging using cameras as sensors to notice structural issues in bridges or to confirm that a baby is breathing properly as it sleeps.  Very interesting stuff given that cameras and processing are getting so cheap.

If you'd like to dive into the geeky details, you can get the paper here.
(BTW, I believe the face that is being color distorted is actually my friend Steve Heller.  Nicely done Steve!)

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