Friday, June 15, 2012

9 Year Old Lunch Blogger

A few months ago, a 9 yr old in Ireland started taking pictures of her school lunches and commenting on them.  Martha Payne goes by the name Veg online, and her blog, Never Seconds, shows how unappetizing and unhealthy school lunches can be.  Apparently it struck a chord because within a few weeks she had a million viewers.  The attention got her written up in several places including a few that had some negative things to say about the school.  Well, the school administration did not appreciate this and decided to ban Martha from bringing her camera to school.  Apparently this was a bad idea, because when Martha announced to her blog that she was quitting the blog business, there was outrage and calls of censorship.  In less than a day apparently the school administration has changed their mind and reversed their decision.

It's an interesting story that you can read about here.  Be sure to read through the updates at the bottom of the story that bring you up to date on the latest as the story breaks.

Go get 'em Veg!

via Gizmodo

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