Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tasty Mex Hexaflexagons at Digital Diner

We did it!  We couldn't help ourselves.  We were inspired by Vi Hart to make the tasty hexaflexagon treats that you may have read about here on Digital Diner (If you have no clue what I'm talking about, you can catch up by reading read our previous posts herehere and here).  It was fun, educational, and mostly delicious.  We encourage any other curious readers to try for themselves.  IMPORTANT!  First, be sure to watch the safety video below... Even if you aren't going to make the hexaflexagon treats, you should really watch the video.  It's outstanding!

How to make your own Mex Hexaflexagon

Once you have watched the safety video, you should refresh memory by watching the Mex hexa flex video.  Also, before you start, you must get yourself some large tortillas.  Then the fun begins.  We found that in order to make the most efficient use of the tortillas, we cut each one in half and then cut a long strip from each side.  We calculated that in order to create the required 10 triangles, we needed a ratio of about 5 : 1, length : width of the strip of tortilla (actually 5 * 2 * cos( 60˚) : 1 which equals 5 : 1).  If your strip is too wide, say a 4 : 1 ratio, you won't be able to create the required ten triangles.  If your strip is too skinny, say a 6 : 1 ratio, you will have a very tiny hexaflexagon and end up with excess length of tortilla to cut off.  
Tortilla cutting

Next is the folding.  It can help to practice with paper first.  With a little patience we were able to fold some fine flexagons.

A tortilla hexaflexagon
Next you add yummy stuff.  Like Vi Hart, we put guacamole and sour cream on the first layer.

Then you must flex your flexahexagon in order to move the gooey goodness to the inside.  It is important to notice that because of the constraints of gravity, it is necessary flex your hexaflexagon by lifting up three vertices and opening up the bottom as Vi Hart does in her video.  If you are lucky it will flip nicely inside out.

After that, you need only to garnish with more yummy stuff.

 Then it is time to eat it.  It is quite a pleasant little gooey, messy treat.

Don't take our word for it.  Try for yourself!

We have some ideas for how to take it up a notch... stay tuned.  If it turns out, we'll publish the result here on Digital Diner.  If not, then forget I said anything at all.

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