Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Endeavor Mission 26

Last month we had a great view of Space Shuttle Endeavor as it flew by on its way down to the Museum of Science and Industry in LA.  The final part of the flight included a trip through the streets of LA.  We have to admit that as it made its way through the streets of LA, there were people who got a better view of Endeavor from their deck than we did from ours.  It is pretty amazing to see the shuttle moving down neighborhood streets and around trees.  On the whole, it looks as if LA streets were built just wide enough to accomodate a space shuttle.  Very impressive planning.
In the end it was rolled into the building at the Museum of Science and Industry that we know very well from our last couple of trips to the California State Science Fair competition.  We're not sure where they will have the awards ceremony now, but it will be great to have the shuttle there.

See the very impressive time lapse video and article here.  Go ahead, click the link!

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