Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Happy Mole Day

Today is a day to celebrate 6.02 x 1023 (one mole).  The "mole" is a unit of measurement that describes an amount or quantity.  I learned is as Avogadro's number, the number of molecules in one gram-molecule of hydrogen, which, happens to be 6.02 x 1023, but I hear that they've redefined it to be slightly different and renamed it to Avogadro's Constant.  I'm pretty sure these are the same guys who told us Pluto is no longer a planet... but I digress.

I admit I'm a little confused as to whether today should be Mole Day (6:02 10/23) or should it be in June (6/02 10:23).  For that matter, in Europe, where they are much more sensible and list the month first, do they celebrate on February 6th and 10:23? Of course, when it comes to celebration, the best compromise is the one that allows for as many celebrations as possible, so I hereby declare that is it OK to celebrate Mole Day on any of those dates.  So please join me in singing along with the video above.

Of course, when one thinks of moles, I often also think of moles... the furry little critters that burrow through the earth.  And clearly, combining the two, one wonders, "what would a mole of moles be like?"  Thankfully, XKCD has thought this through for us and I highly recommend reading through the results <<click the link!.  Of course, they don't mention anything about the moles that are spots that appear on your skin... I guess that is a different story.  Anyway, enjoy!

Thanks for the reminder today Grandma!

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