Saturday, October 20, 2012

Flight Attendant Rap

I was on a flight once where no one was paying attention to the flight attendants as they gave their safety speil, so when it got to the part where they talk about the masks coming down from the ceiling, one of the flight attendants pulled out a rubber chicken.  I nearly burst my spleen when she hung it by the neck as if it had fallen down from the overhead compartment, then proceeded to rap the chicken's legs around her head to show exactly how you breathe through the 'mask.'
Another memorable flight was an early morning commuter plane leaving Huntsville Alabama.  It was dark and for some reason, prior to plane moving, they turned out the cabin lights.  The humidity was very high (in Huntsville?  never!) and while the lights were out they turned on the airconditioner which proceded to fill the cabin with water vapor... there was a cloud in the cabin.  Then, as if it was a rock-n-roll concert, they brought up the lights and they beamed through the foggy air.  The flight attendant came on and said, "welcome aboard ladies and gentlemen, I'm Lisa Smoke."  It got my attention.  It sure was very dramatic and it made me feel like I was at a concert.
However, even the drama of Lisa Smoke can't compare to this guy's rapping (in the video above).  He's actually pretty good.

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