Friday, October 26, 2012

Awesome Aeroponics : Workshop Weekend

Plant roots growing in a soil-free aeroponics system

November 10-11 in Oakland, CA there will be a Workshop Weekend.  It is a great event where adults and kids alike can learn all sorts of things to enrich their lives.  In particular, you should all plan to attend because among all the other wonderful classes is one called "Awesome Aeroponics: The Art of Soil Free Gardening" which will be taught by a group called Team "Awesome is What We Totally Are".  This team was founded by Digital Diner's own Bix, Widdakay and some friends.
If you attend this class on November 10 at 1pm, you will build your own Aeroponic Garden system that you can take home with you!  Don't know what Aeroponics is?  It's the latest in high-tech, soil-free gardening.
Leaf on the left was grown in soil while the one on  the right was
grown in "Awesome is What We TotallyAre" high tech garden
The two lettuce leaves above show how awesome this technique is.  We planted two similar sized lettuce plants on the same day.  One was put in soil in our garden.  The other was grown using soil-free techniques.  As you can probably guess, a few weeks later we picked them and the one on the left used the traditional methods while in the same period of time the one on the right grew to about three times as large.  In the class you'll learn about hydroponics, aquaponics and aeroponics (which we collectively call *ponics). And best of all, in a couple of weeks you can start eating food from your own aeroponic garden.  This class promises to be educational, entertaining and hyperlocavoric.

Workshop Weekend will be a great event with a wide variety of classes for all age ranges to take.  Topics include how to roast coffee, liquid nitrogen ice cream, designing for 3D printers, how to build a web site, build a Gieger counter, MacGyver class and plenty more...   They all look great!

Plan to attend!  Sign up now for Workshop Weekend

Awesome is What We Totally Are - Team


  1. Looks really exciting, great blog with very informative post, the awareness of Aeroponics will leads to bright future. Giving awareness to kids is also wise move because in reality they are the one who will lead the future.

    I’m looking forward to participate in such type of workshop to share my experience and gain more knowledge.

  2. It's a good idea to let kids involve in such workshop. They'll gain knowledge and able to apply it.

  3. The kids are more than involved... they are the experts. I've been learning a lot from them and it's been fantastic.