Friday, May 4, 2012

Dream Vacation Saved by Smartphones

I've seen the internet grow up around me.  It started with dial-up connections to mainframes, bulletin board systems, ethernet connections, wireless and now mobile.  I've seen it evolve from the arpanet of old to the current compendium of Google and Wikipedia knowledge in the palm of your hand.  However, for people in many developing countries and for many kids everywhere, the first experience with the internet is on a mobile device.  The internet is in your pocket is the only internet they know.

I think you look at technology differently when you don't have to unlearn the old way of doing things.  That is why I like this little story about a family on their way to Australia one friday evening when they find out that one of the girl's passports is listed as stolen.  Stolen passport == no fly.  The story describes how the parents and brother continued on to Australia while the two sisters stayed behind in LA.  Armed with just a couple of smartphones, the sisters were able to successfully navigate the their way through a weekend by themselves and get the passport they needed and then catch the flight to Australia.
It's a quick read.  Check it out.

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