Tuesday, May 15, 2012


To those of you in the Bay Area this weekend (May 19 & 20), plan to come to the Maker Faire.  If you are not in the Bay Area, consider coming for a visit this weekend or attending one of the other Maker Faires around the world.
The Maker Faire is a place where hobbyists, tinkerers and makers of things get together to learn from each other and to show-off their talents.   They have everything from giant, artistic, fire-breathing dragons to quadcopters and rockets to 3D printers to crafts.  Best of all, there is a Do-It-Yourself vibe to it all.  You could do many of these projects yourself.   If you see something interesting, it is likely that the person who created it is sitting right there and you can talk to them about how they did it.  And, there are classes and activities that let you get your hands dirty creating something right there at the show. If you attend, you can see people performing music with giant Tesla coils:

You will find strange combinations of art and technology.

Our old family friend Fritz Grobe (half of EepyBird) will be there performing his famous Coke and Mentos tricks

The Maker Faire is a truly inspirational event.  We have been there every year since the very first one in 2006 and had things to show more often than not.  But, this year we will go as spectators, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what is in store this year.

See you at the Maker Faire!

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