Thursday, May 17, 2012

Club Jameco

For many years now, we've gotten electronic parts for our various projects at a local supplier called Jameco.  I know, how exciting can a place that sells resistors really be?  To us its much more than that.  When Widdakay started in on electronics, he had a special relationship with Liz, the lady at the Jameco front desk, who would always look out for interesting little parts that might be useful to budding young engineer.

Widdakay, age 6 getting parts for a project from Jameco

One thing that many hobbyists love is to see other people use their designs.  One issue, no matter how good your instructions are, is that it is often difficult for people to get together the right set of parts to reconstruct your project.  Well, Jameco has just announced something new which they call "Club Jameco."  The idea is that hobbyists who have a cool design can post it and instructions to Club Jameco.  If it is approved, they will put the parts together in a kit along with your instructions and then others can easily get the parts to build your project.  ..and you, the designer, get a commission for each sale.

So basically, you can share your designs with the world,   Jameco makes it easy for others to build your designs, and you get paid.  Its an interesting business model and nice way to spread projects for hobbyists.

If you have a project, try it out.  Go post it to Club Jameco.

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