Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Annular Solar Eclipse, Sunday May 20

This weekend there will be a Annular Solar Eclipse.  A Solar Eclipse is the kind where the Moon gets between the Earth and the Sun.  It is Annular because with the positions of the Sun, Moon and Earth, the Moon does not completely cover up the Sun, so at its maximum, there will still be a ring of the Sun visible around the moon.  It looks like the shadow will start in China, move over Japan, then head out over the Pacific Ocean, before arriving at the US west coast and ending somewhere in the western states.
Never Look Directly at an Eclipse!
Never Look at an Eclipse Through Sun Glasses
We recommend building a Pinhole Projector.  It is easy and fun, and by far the safest way to view the eclipse.

Here in the California there will be some good viewing.  The eclipse will arrive very near the end of the day, so make sure you have a clear view to the west.

As usual, NASA has all the cool information.  Here is an interactive Google Map of the eclipse region.  Timing of these events is very dependent on your location.  In our area (area of the MakerFaire) it will be visible for about 2.5 hours starting at about 5:16pm and lasting until 7:40pm.  It will be at its maximum at about 6:33pm local time.

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