Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sniffles Saga Seems Set

Many of you may be wondering what has happened to the rabbit that we found in the park and rescued a few days ago.  I'll give you an update.  We really do think we saved him from immanent doom.  Edgewood Park, where we found him, is home to coyotes and mountain lions.
We dropped the bunny off at a friend's house.  We emailed and called many friends, neighbors and coworkers to try to find someone to adopt the cute little bunny.  The next day our friends with the rabbit called to say that they were allergic and there was entirely too much sneezing going on in their house.  The rabbit had to go.  We have the same problem in our house, so we understood.  So we decided to take the rabbit to the Peninsula Humane Society(PHS) for a looking over.  At the PHS they told us that the he was a male rabbit (we wondered) and that they would be happy to run some tests on him and make sure he was healthy and ready for someone to adopt.  In the mean time, our friends called us back to say that they knew someone who would adopt "Sniffles" as he was now called.  Yay!

So, as it stands right now, the PHS will likely keep Sniffles though the weekend and then he will be adopted by friends of the family that took him over the first night.

Bottom line - Its looking like a happy ending for Mr Sniffles.  Everyone can rest easy now.

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