Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fit Bit Variability

As you may know, we all wear FitBits as part of our physical education program here at Digital Diner.  They are pretty cool pedometers that keep track of how active we are.  In fact, when we are being good, we don't eat dessert unless we are all on track to make our goal steps for the week.

Yesterday we did a little experiment.  We put all for of our FitBits on one person and went for a hike.  This allowed us to compare the different FitBits under the same conditions and see how much their readings vary.  After walking about a mile and a half in about 25 minutes, we compared the results.  They came out with pretty similar readings; 2967, 2951, 2964 and 2961 steps.  After a mile and a half the readings varied by only 10 steps out of about 3000, so this seems to tell us that the FitBits are pretty consistent in their measurement of steps.  The variability is only about 1/3 of a percent.  Pretty good actually!

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