Monday, January 23, 2012

Don't Believe Anything You See

I always enjoy the "behind the scenes" looks at how movie special effects are made.  In this case, the special effects are for an HBO show called Boardwalk Empire (which I have never seen).  I must say, however, that they look pretty realistic.  ...And to think its all based on computer graphics.  You'll have to watch the scenes closely to see what is real and what isn't.  Even the actor's makeup is computer generated.  They just paint a few dots on his face so that the computer can track his face movements easier.  I can just hear the discussion that must happen in hollywood these days.
"We need a big ship at the dock for the scene we're shooting tomorrow."
"Sir, I checked and there is a two week lead for the permits to shoot at the harbor and the insurance company wants an extra 25% if we are going to shoot near water."
"I didn't say we needed to shoot the scene near water, I just said we need a big ship for the scene.  They can add that and the water in post production."
Pretty amazing stuff.

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