Monday, January 9, 2012

Muir Woods

A Tree Pose in The Trees 
This weekend we went hiking in Muir Woods National Monument, the famed grove named for the naturalist John Muir.  It has become a rather crowded tourist destination, but the big redwoods tend to dwarf even these crowds.  There is something about walking through these giant trees that is just puts us all into perspective.  Despite the large crowd, everything felt peaceful. High up in the canopy, the leaves rustled in the breeze, but down below it was eerily calm and quiet.   The 1000 year old gentle giants seemed to be willing everyone to relax and enjoy.   We walked in for a couple miles only to find that we had wandered beyond the park limits.  The trees clearly had no idea where the park boundaries were.  When we decided to head back, it became clear that the canopy shuts out quite a bit of light.  It was dark in the forest significantly sooner than it did back out on the road as we drove home.  While it wasn't exactly a deep dive into the back woods of nature because of the crowds, it was a beautiful place on a beautiful day and lovely hike.

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