Friday, April 26, 2013

Wearable technology is the next step after mobile gadgets

PBS did a nice little piece on the "future of wearable technology."  My only real problem with this clip is that it is really about present wearable technology, not so much the future.  Everything they show is being done now.  The only think that makes it the future is that I don't have my Google Glass yet.  The technology is today, not tomorrow.  Tomorrow we'll have subcutaneous displays and direct nerve interfaces.
I do believe in the power of ambient technology (as described in the clip), but I think even connected watches are steps in that direction.  Meanwhile, my favorite view of the future of wearable technology is this, now four year old, vision created by the folks at the medialab.

What technology do you want to wear?  ...and more importantly how will we keep all the batteries charged?

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