Tuesday, April 2, 2013

There's a Museum of PEZ Memoribilia?? Who knew?

You know, it doesn't matter how long I live around here, I'm always finding out about new sites and points of interest.  For example, did you know that nearby is the  Burlingame Museum of PEZ Memorabilia?  Who knew?  It's not large, however, they do have a 7' 10" tall, working  PEZ dispenser replica.  Apparently this has been a point of some contention.  While it does hold the Guiniess Book of World records(as of 2008 anyway) record for the Worlds Working PEZ Candy Dispenser, it also caused PEZ to sue Gary Doss, the owner, and demand that he destroy the replica because it was unauthorized and they didn't want to be responsible if it suddenly started biting people or tipped over onto someone.  A judge dismissed the case in 2010.  Meanwhile Gary Doss has expanded his enterprise to include the Classic Toy Museum and the Banned Toy Museum.
Time Magazine has named this "A Top 50 American Roadside Attraction."  A PEZ museum huh?  Sure.   Why not?

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