Thursday, April 18, 2013

Woohoo! Algodoo is free!

A year and a half ago, we wandered into the small town of Umeå, Sweden.  Unannounced, we knocked on the door of a company called Algoryx, just to tell them that we were fans of their program called Algodoo.  Needless to say, they were surprised to have some silly Americans showing up unexpectedly, but they were very gracious and even gave the kids t-shirts (which are still among their favorites today).

Algodoo is a physics simulation program for kids.  No, that description doesn't do it justice.  Really it is an awesome virtual playground of imagination and exploration for anyone and everyone.  It lets you create a world of 2 dimensional objects that interact in a simulated environment on your screen.  You can build wheels, pulleys and motors, all the way up to fairly complex machines.  One very unique element of Algodoo is that it allows you to simulate fluids and light as well.  You can create a tub of water and let it slosh around.  You can create a prism and lenses and watch white light get split into component colors.  Watch the video above to get some idea of what it can do.

The really big news is that this amazing program is now free.  You can download it for your Mac or PC from the Algodoo website.  There is no reason not to get it and amuse yourself for hours (you will).  As if that wasn't enough, Algodoo also announced an iPad version of the program.  It is available for 99¢ (introductory price) on the app store right now.

Trust me on this one.  Download it for your computer or iPad today.  You'll be glad you did! Let us know what you build.

Bix & Widdikay with Emil Ernerfeldt, the creator of Phun, the original version of Algodoo.
from Algodoo

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