Monday, September 17, 2012

SF Bay Area Shuttle Flyover

Image courtesy of NASA

Update: This event has been delayed till Friday.
Update 2: Endeavor was here and we saw it right from our balcony.  Fantastic!

On this Thursday Friday, September 20 21, sometime between 9am and 9:30am the Space Shuttle Endeavor will make a low altitude (approximately 1500 ft) flyover of Moffett field.  The shuttle is on its way to the California Science Center in LA (which we know well from our visits the California state science fair).  NASA Ames, which is located at Moffett field, will be hosting an event.  Incidentally NASA Ames contributed several important elements to the shuttle program including the foundational aerodynamics work for the overall design, windtunnel testing, the heat resistant tiles and pilot testing.

If you plan to attend you should consider bringing ear protection and taking public transportation.  If you plan to drive, you'll have to register for a parking pass ahead of time.

More information is here.

You can also find this event in the Digital Diner Calendar which includes both local and web events of interest to our readers.

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