Thursday, September 6, 2012

Curiosity about Curiosity's Trip

We recently had not-so-great travel experience, but I know it is nothing compared to what others have experienced.  For example, suppose you are the Curiosity rover and you have been looking forward to a relaxing vacation on Mars, but when you show up there's nothing but a vast desert wasteland.  No room service.  No restaurants.  No pool.  It apparently prompted the following post on Trip Advisor.  Sounds rustic at best. You might want to think twice before booking your own vacation there.

And to think that that came after a 9 month trip capped off by 7 minutes of terror.  Jeez.  Time for a new travel agent.  On the other hand, the pictures that Curiosity is sending back look quite outstanding.  For example there is an amazing video of the descent.

And there is also a stunning 360 degree panorama here.  Be sure to make it full screen and scroll around.  See more photos here.

Of course, interplanetary travel has its own risks.  You have to hope that you aren't out there when a giant coronal mass ejection (CME) occurs, like the big one last week.  See the video below, and just think about how big this is...  I wouldn't want my spacecraft caught up in that.

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