Monday, December 17, 2012

Is there poop on the Moon?

OK, so we crash spacecraft into the moon.  What other kinds of crap have we left up there?  Is there any poop?  As with all deep and thoughtful questions these days, we turn to the internet for answers.  The video below combines two of our favorites, Smarter Everyday and Minute Physics to get to the bottom of this hard hitting issue.

Ok, maybe some of the stuff they left behind was useful (as described in the video below).

I once hear of someone who was thinking of using those reflectors to store data.  Imagine this.  You pulse a laser pointed at the moon according to the data you want to save.  A little less than three seconds later, it comes back to you.  This means that you could save as much data as you can jam into a laser signal in <3 seconds.  If you take what you receive and resend it, then you don't have to save the data here on Earth.  You will get those photons (bits) back in less than three seconds.  You could have a loop of data that you continually send between here and the moon, thus storing the info as light in space.  It is not very practical, but still its a cool idea.

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