Sunday, November 11, 2012

Facial Interpretive Dance

I like the performance this fellow does of Paganini's violin concerto.  I think of it as interpretive dance for your face.  Human's are somehow wired to notice faces - so much that we think we see them on Mars.  We read each other's emotions through our faces and I think this fellow does a fine job matching his facial expression to the music.

Of course, there are a lot of people regularly manipulate their faces to evoke emotion as a profession.  They are called actors.  One of my favorite examples is child actor Henry Thomas.  The video below is his audition for the film ET.  In the beginning you hear the crew giving Thomas the background of the scene, then they start and Henry Thomas nails it.  He said later that he thought about his dog that had died inorder to bring these emotions to the front.  All I know is that it is an amazing performance.  In the end you hear Steven Spielberg say, "you got the job kid."  Yeah... you got the job.  If you haven't seen it before I recommend watching.

Of course, sometimes, people just use their talents to be silly... And still I'm entertained.

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