Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Photo by Horst Schoenhoff
Actual Fall in Oregon (photo by Horst Schoenhoff)
Original Photo by Horst Schoenhoff
My Rendition of Fall in California
One of the things that we miss here in California it the vibrant colors of fall.  We just don't have so many of those brilliant red leaves that give fall that fiery appearance.  Instead we have a lot of trees that just don't change colors or loose their leaves while the ones that do mostly turn yellow then brown.  Here, fall is mostly the time of year when the rains start and all the oils that have been collecting in the road all summer come to the surface to make it even more dangerous than driving in snow...

Of course the lack of fall leaves has its up side.  This means that we don't have to rake leaves as much as people elsewhere do.  On the downside, this means that we don't get to jump in piles of leaves like the one in the video below.

Warning: Kids - Don't try this at home without the supervision of an adult... especially the math shown in this video.

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