Sunday, August 19, 2012

Raspberry Pi Programming Contest

Raspberry Pi Single board computer

Here at Digital Diner, we've been having fun with our new Raspberry Pi single board Linux computers that we bought, brand new in a box, for $35.  It connects to an HDMI connector on a TV for video and it has USB ports for keyboard and mouse.  It is a pretty amazing little gadget for $35.  The really good news is that you can program it.  In fact, the main reason for its existence is as a platform for education.  It is a pretty nice little platform for learning to programming.  We will talk more about this in future posts.

Today's news about the Raspberry Pi is that there is a programming contest for young people (under 18) that will be accepting entries until September 1.  There are two age categories, 13 and under and 18 and under.  First prize in each category is $1000, so it could be worth your while.

C'mon kids!  Get out there and write yourself a program.

Read more about the contest rules here.

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  1. At last, someone I know has one of these little beasties. Just think, it's about 5x performance of the MediaPad…

    I have a suggestion for a couple of potentially interesting things to try out with it; take a look at - both free downloads that are supposed to install easily.