Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Reindeer Facts

We saw quite a few reindeer this summer in northern Norway.  Around this time of year, even here in California people start to think about reindeer.  After all, Rudolph has to be in top form to get Santa around to all those homes on Christmas night.  I don't know about what populations of reindeers can fly, but for covering a lot of ground, reindeer are a good choice.  Some populations are known to migrate over 3100 miles a year.   That's an average of 23 miles [~46,000 human steps for you FitBit wearers] per day!  Its more than any other known terrestrial animal.  They can run at 50 miles per hour and swim at 6.2 mph.

They are fascinating animals and there are plenty more interesting facts in 11 Things You Might Like to Know About Reindeer.

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