Friday, December 30, 2011

Nice View

Over the holiday we made a little film called "Nice View."  Its nothing complicated, but we hope you all enjoy the result.   Be sure to watch it in high resolution (720p or 1080p) for best effect by clicking near the bottom of the video where it says 360p.  Also click on the full screen button in the lower right corner.

The movie was created with a Sony NEX-5 camera and iMovie.  The music was created with GarageBand.  With these simple, consumer tools, we were able to follow a process very much like a big budget Hollywood movie.  We shot multiple takes with different camera angles.  We were able to write the music, then edit the video to fit the music (and edit the music to fit the video too).  We edited dialog, music and effects.  We even did dialog replacement for the one and only line of dialog (is it a line of monolog then?).

The whole idea was to make a movie of the simplest concept that would allow us to follow all the steps that the big guys do.  From that perspective the project was a success.  I also must say that its pretty amazing what quality you can get from consumer grade tools.

The video is also available on Vimeo which has higher quality streaming.

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