Monday, November 28, 2011

Book: Your Life, Uploaded by Gordon Bell and Jim Gemmell

Imagine that everyone has cameras, microphones and other sensors recording their every move.  They would be able to remember everything, identify health trends and enhance their education.  The technology to do this is becoming available right now.  This book by Gordon Bell and Jim Gemmell of Microsoft Research explains some of the ways we can get there and some of the challenges along the way.  It is about automatically digitally recording everything you do into one database.

I read the book and I thought it was just OK.  It has a lot of good ideas in it, and it is a good guide for helping you to start lifelogging.  I liked all the ideas that are presented, but I got the main idea in the first 50-100 pages.  After that it seemed repetitive and i did not get any new good ideas.  It seems like you could start the book anywhere and it will be interesting for the first 50-100 pages that you read.  My main complaint was that it did not go into how you could search and categorize all the data.  All this information is useless if you can't search it.

This book has previously been published under the name Total Recall.
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