Sunday, September 18, 2011

Computer Take Apart

In order to keep cool, computers need to blow air through them.  The dust in the air that gets blown through your computer gets stuck on heatsinks and other obstructions.  When they get clogged up, the airflow will decrease, causing the computer to heat up.  This decreases the life span of the computer.  After time the dust can get into the fan's bearings causing it to make noise.

My computer's left fan started making loud noise and vibrating my computer yesterday.  I took my computer apart and found that it was so full of dust that the heatsinks were blocked.  After cleaning, the fan was still making noise.  That meant it was ruined.  Luckily I found one in another computer I could use.

Here I am taking my computer apart.

This is a picture of the inside of my computer.

The dust on the heatsink.

Now, the heatsink after being cleaned. 

This simple cleanup and replacement resulted in a useable Mac. 

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