Wednesday, November 13, 2013

This high school student built a cool aquaponics system

This is a really cool video from Edutopia about a High School student's passion for discovering new ways to grow food.  He learned about Aquaponics (building a closed loop ecosystem of fish and plants) and ran with the idea.  I love it when someone finds a passion and those nearby support or at least don't get in the way of it.  Of course for Pierre, it isn't just the enthusiasm in building the systems, it is that he is driven to expand the system and bring it to his school and share it that really makes this story great.  I'm particularly impressed by the fact that the food they grow on the school premises is now served in the cafeteria.  Very nice!

I think agrotech is a cool interesting up and coming field.  The whole thing is somewhat reminiscent of another group of awesome kids that I've heard about.

More info is available on Edutopia and the Edible Schoolyard Project.

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