Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Riding in style

OK, I want this for my bike.  I've seen these around and they seemed kind of fun, but somehow the cartoon dog chasing a cat brings it to a whole new level.  Its not like I ride my bike at night that often... but, this looks fun.
The idea is to combine 4 LED bars on your spokes with an accelerometer and some software to create persistence of vision tricks for the amusement of those around you.  The Monkey Light folks have a Kickstarter to get off the ground.  The only problem is that it's a more than a little bit pricey at $500/wheel to outfit your bike.  Still, it ranks high on the awesomeness scale.

Using the sensors to control what is displayed looks pretty cool too, although it is usually the people in front of and behind you that really need to know your intensions.

Still, nicely done Monkey Light Pro.

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