Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Vi Hart implies that the Beatles were time travelers from the future!

Vi Hart is at it again, this time telling us about how to fold space-time.  It all sounds very Einstein-ian, but her explanation is much more Bach-ian.  Awesome as usual Vi!

Having worked in the audio/music industry, I've had plenty of time to think about sound as a way to represent time, and I must say, I think it works.  You see sound is a waveform that you can think of as a vibration of air molecules.  That vibration is therefore a change in position of those air molecules over time.  Without time, there can be no change... In fact, it is entirely possible that music is time and it is music that makes the world go around.  Therefore I conclude that humming and whistling are effective ways to pass the time.  QED.

Now, if sound is time, then does reversing sound reverse time?  We do know that back in the 60s/70s the Beatles were doing all sorts of experiments in the studio including introducing the world to the possibilities of multitrack recoding and even, yes, recording parts backwards.  There were certainly plenty of people who claimed that the Beatles were hiding secret, backward masked messages in their music.  Check the video below to see what you think.

OK, so stay with me here.  I never believed that the Beatles were trying to create secret satanic messages, or that Paul was dead, but maybe, just maybe, they were actually doing experimentation in time travel.  Just think about it.  Their music was so far ahead of everyone else's, it was as if they had a vision (or audio equivalent) of the future of music, so they then created it.  I'm not drawing any conclusions here or anything, I leave that up to you, but do you think that it's possible that the Beatles came from the future and use backwards masked music to travel back to the 60s/70s and change music forever?

Just sayin... it makes you think!

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  1. The White Album was done entirely using a hole punch. Have to git me one of them music boxes. Nice post.