Thursday, February 21, 2013

Become a hyperlocavore

Bix Studies Plant Science at Digital Diner

Science is cool and food is yummy, so of course we love food science here at Digital Diner.   Over the last few years we've been going to the roots of food science (so to speak) by learning about hydroponics.  We have been growing vegetables in our back yard garden for years, but we recently have been growing more hydroponic produce as well.  It has been great fun.  The technical term for growing stuff in dirt is geoponics.  It comes from "geo" meaning earth, and 'ponics' meaning to work.  It literally means working the earth.  Well, it turns out the hydroponics takes both the dirt and much of the work out of the process.  It has turned us into "hyperlocavores" which means we eat food that is produced extremely locally (as in, from our own yard).  
In the course of this exploration, the kids have become experts in a new method called aeroponics.  Where hydroponic systems run nutrient laden water over the roots of plants, aeroponic systems use a nutrient rich fog/mist to deliver nutrients the plant roots.  We use those ultrasonic foggers common for Halloween effects and some buckets from Home Depot.  The process can use >95% less water than conventional farming.  Maintenance is simple, and we always have fresh, hyperlocavoric, veggies just outside our back door.  It's all very high tech, but it turns out that you can build your own system pretty easily.  In fact, for those of you in the SF Bay Area, we have an opportunity for you to build an aeroponic system (designed by Bix and Widdakay) of your own in a class at Workshop Weekend in Oakland, Mar 3.  There are lots of great classes at Workshop Weekend, and since the "Awesome Is What We Totally Are" team is teaching the Aeroponics class, we can offer you discounted admission to Workshop Weekend.  When you sign up, use the code AEROPONICS0313.  It is good for $10 off admission to Workshop Weekend.  Last time they taught this class, it filled up quickly, so sign up soon!  Join us!  Fun is guaranteed!
Leona shows us the roots of agro-science

If you can't make it to the workshop, you can still learn to build your own aeroponic system here.

A completed "Awesome Is What We Totally Are" aeroponic garden

Yummy bok choy!

Workshop Weekend

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