Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Flying Car

It's 2012, where is my flying car??  I'm pretty sure that I was assured as a child that by now we would all be buzzing around in some sort of personal air vehicle.  But there has been nothing... until now.  Well, OK.  Its really more of a flying motorcycle than a flying car, but still... a vehicle that works both on the road and in the air.  It is the PAL-V ONE, a gyrocopter/motorcycle hybrid vehicle that leans into corners like a motorcycle on the ground and, with a few minutes of conversion, can fly through the air above those same roads.  I don't know that its really practical for anything, but that isn't the point.  Just look at it.  Think about how jealous your friends will be as you buzz their house.  Dude!  If you watch the video below, you'll see that it lands really slowly, which seems like a plus on the safety side, but that it also looks like it might be sort of fun to drive.  It has a top speed of 112 mph on the ground or in the air.

Earlier this week there was news of another flying car, Terrafugia's Transition.  It is a more traditional flying car design (if there is such a thing).  Who knows, maybe we'll soon have to choose between multiple flying vehicles.

The video below shows a day in the life of the Transition.

So, which would you choose?

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