Tuesday, March 13, 2012

We Stopped Dreaming

In the video above, Neil deGrasse gives a passionate plea for funding NASA on the grounds that it is really funding our dreams.  It is in incredible and powerful speech; definitely worth a listen.  NASA was certainly the dream maker for my generation.  Arguably it inspired a generation of technical careers and was a significant inspiration for the entire technology revolution that we are living now.

It makes me wonder if there might be a new inspiration for a new generation.  What are the new and exciting frontiers that we aren't sure we can conquer? Science Fiction has always been a bastion of forward looking ideas,  but what have hey recently come up with that is well within our grasp already.  I mean something big, like levitation.  The DARPA Grand Challenge turned out to be too easy and solved too quickly.  Maybe there is an X Prize that can inspire the next generation.

What do you think will inspire the next generation of revolutionary discoveries?

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