Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Girl Scout is one Tough Cookie

According to this story, two 15- year old Girl Scouts in Texas were selling cookies outside the local Walmart when a thief grabbed their money.  As the he ran off with their money, they gave chase.  One Girl Scout hit the thief repeatedly and the other grabbed on to the car bumper as it began to speed away.  I have three observations:
1) I think these Girl Scouts took some risks that weren't really appropriate, essentially risking their lives for some Thin Mint money...  I do admire their courage though.
2) I think they might have caught the thief off guard with their response.
3) What was this thief thinking?  First off, who steals from Girl Scouts?  But, second, he stole the money instead of the cookies.  Dude... there are Girl Scout cookies here... why bother with the money?  Definitely not thinking straight there...

Read the entire story here

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