Monday, July 8, 2013

Maker Camp is under way

This is a boat... no really.
As we reported earlier, Maker Camp is under way.  It started yesterday and so we here at Digital Diner decided to try it out.  Bix made a lovely paddle boat out of some plastic bottles, and we were able to float it in the bath tub.  Simple yet somehow awesome.  You can learn to build your own here.  And, by the way, it is important to actually go through the exercise of building stuff.  As our acquaintance Jim Wiltens says, "there is a difference between knowing and doing."

The boat in action
Every day they will have new projects and things to learn in live Google hangouts online which you can attend as they happen or tune in later.  ...and its all free.  Tomorrow will be all about balloon blimps.  It sure seems like a fun way to spend a summer day.  

More info at Maker Camp online.

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