Friday, July 6, 2012

Looking for readers in Montana, Kentucky, Vermont and Maine

Digital Diner Web visitors by state as of July 6, 2012
A few statistics from the department of shameless self-promotion:
The US map above is a state-by-state map of where the US readers of Digital Diner come from.  I don't believe this includes stats for people reading in email... its just web accesses.  The darker the color, the more traffic.  As you can see, most of our readers are in California (not too surprising).  Second is Michigan (thanks guys!) and so on for 46 states!!  What I just noticed is that we have NO access from Montana, Kentucky, Vermont or Maine.  We even have Alaska and Hawaii.  If we can just get these four states, we will have all 50!  This blog is only 8 months old, so this would be a great achievement.

Can you help us?
Please tell your friends in those four states to check out our blog at so that we can complete our stats.

  • Kentucky
  • Vermont
  • Maine
  • Montana

Just for the record, you are allowed encouraged to tell people in other states or countries about the blog too if you like.  We won't complain a bit.

We can work on world domination later.

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