Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy Leap Day (Extraday)

Happy Leap Day!  Don't forget to set your watches back a day for that funny funky February 29.  This only happens every 4 years, so do something unusual to celebrate.
It always seemed like we could make so much more of Leap Day.  It could be sort of like Daylight Savings Time in the Fall; you know, when you get to set your clock back an hour and you get to sleep in an extra little bit.  Sweet!  Why don't we count Feb 29 as an extra, unaccounted for day? It shouldn't be just just like every other day of the week.  No, we should really add an extra day for this event... We would call it Extraday and just shut everything off.  It only happens once every 4 years, so why not?  Think of it.  Tuesday, Feb 28, followed by Extraday, Feb 29, followed by Wed, Mar 1.  The whole world could sleep in.  Everyone could catch up on all those chores around the house that have been piling up.  I bet you on Mar 1, everyone would be rested and in a better mood.  Who can we contact about this?  Unfortunately, Leap Day is Wednesday this year, and not Extraday... but we can dream, can't we?

Of course, these sorts of things are always more complicated than they seem.   Even the definition of a year is pretty complex, but as always, the Minute Physics guy does a great job explaining it in the video above.  If you are looking for a simple explanation of leap year, check out the video below.  Unfortunately, I haven't found any videos on "Extraday."

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